Hopeless Liar

"Because paper has more patience than people"

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

  Im thinking too much. Im thinking about what could have been and what is in front of me. Im thinking about a black hole that I can feel consuming me. My mentality is allowing me to fade into the... Continue Reading →


  I hate the word homophobia. You don't have a phobia. You're not fucking scared. You're an asshole. Everyone wants to preach about world peace, spreading love, saving the world and freedom. But you can't give others the freedom to marry... Continue Reading →

Me, myself & I

I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. Well, here goes. My name is Lillian Maura Balderson. I'm a 19 year old Filipino/Australian and am currently loving life. I'm named after both my Grandmothers. My first name Lillian after... Continue Reading →

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