First off apologies for not having posted so regularly. We’re preparing for a 7 day cruise and a wedding in between. To tell you the truth I couldn’t be more stressed 😭

I wanted to shine light on something I feel is mainly common to couples (of any gender) and those who choose to put their relationship and or self in the line of fire. 

I also want to clarify something. You’ll find most of my blog posts are about social media and and myself. I will tell you why. Yes I see the irony and no I couldn’t care less. Social Media and Technology is first and foremost the bain of our existence. The world revolves around it.

Carrying on. Relationships and our very beings have and always will be exposed to social media and as I said above it’s the bain of our existence. But what people don’t tend to post on instagram or make a status of on Facebook is the bad and the ugly. We will always post cute photos and attached captions explaining our love for each other. Or post a quote stating how happy and content we are. But how many of you can say you’re post reflects your immediate emotions. You’ll never see one explaining why you yelled at each other this morning and cussed each other out. You won’t see a photo or an explanation stating why you’re feeling down in the dumps and can’t shake it. 

It’s the stigma that goes along with the likes and the wall we hide behind. That “perfection” and expectation that we will always hide behind. Before we’ll ever confess to the bad and the ugly. 

Now I say “perfection” in quotation because nothing will ever be perfect in this world. Not even the prettiest flower Mother Nature has given birth to so to speak. There will always be a flaw. I know someone’s going to read that last sentence and say “what a depressing bitch”, maybe not as harsh as what I’ve put it. But somewhere along those lines. 

Today’s generation have always been told to put on a front. Don’t show others you’re scared. Don’t cry because you’re weak if you do. Don’t go telling people you have it bad at home or in an abusive relationship because you’re going to get judged. There’s always the fault that gets put back on you. You have to be strong because if you’re not who will be? 

Whilst that’s true. Our generation doesn’t gain strength from hiding behind happy quotes and forcing ourselves to see positivity wherever we walk. We gain weakness. Because we feel we can’t talk to people. We don’t gain confidence, we gain anti-socialism. In all honesty, how long can we force happiness on ourselves before we’re engulfed with bullshit and crack? 

Harsh but true. I have always been told not to care of what others say towards me. “Their hurtful comments don’t reflect you, they reflect those who’ve stated the hatrid.” We all always deep down believe any negativity thrown our way (non-intentionally). 

In saying this, We hide behind the quotes in order to communicate how we feel because we’re too afraid of face to face communication the eye contact daunting. We post cute “couple goal” photos I order to flaunt our worth and happiness to people. In hopes that people will comment and like the photo. Some how making us feel minutely better. After all the amount of followers and likes you get calculate your worth, do they not? 

Social media is and always will be the backbone to society. 

After all, how else will we get our instant gratification? Our confidence. Whilst happiness looks gorgeous on everyone, sadness and tears also show strength in your being. 

So to hell what people think. Show the good, the bad and the ugly. Be honest with yourself, don’t build a wall because others told you to.