Today probably wasn’t the most favoured of days I’ve experienced but it surely was eventful. So you’ve probably heard I smashed my iPhone Screen yesterday. Well I took it up one notch.

This morning at 7.00am I partially woke to my partner frantically running around the house like a headless horse, asking me if I had seen his work gear. I hadn’t. But keep in mind Sunday’s are my relaxation, sleep in, do whatever I want days. Also keep in mind I’m no morning person, so I wasn’t impressed. My replies to all his questions were sassy and blunt which. This added fuel to his fire. Needless to say his replies weren’t cool, calm and collected. To add to it all, whilst running out the door he says “babe could you please do some washing today. I have no work clothes.” Not happy jan, Not happy.

I awoke again at 9.30am, checked my phone for possibly 10 seconds. Stumbled out of bed and into the living room where I then sat for 15 minutes staring at a white wall trying to coax myself awake. By the time it had hit 10am I was craving a morning coffee. So off I went to find my wallet and keys, to head to McDonald’s to grab a quick Mocha. I found my keys in less than a minute, my wallet on the other hand wasn’t so easy to find.

Whilst still in my pyjamas I headed to the garage where my beloved Jeep sleeps. Unlocked the car and jumped in with my roommate riding shotgun. Whilst getting in the car she mentioned 1) how clean the car was (i had cleaned it the day before) and 2) how we never take my car places only ever her’s. Simply because during the day we’d only ever have her car. I put the key in the ignition and went to turn my car over and be on my way. She jinxed me. Instead of the sound of a car engine turning over my beloved Jeep greeted me with “Tick, Tick, Tick.” My instant reaction was “oh get the fuck out,” I’m now WIDE awake children. Pissed off, but wide awake.

I try again “tick, tick, tick.” I. have. a. flat. fucking. battery. We rolled the car down my steep as fuck drive way and attempted to jumpstart him. FYI: My attempts at jumpstarting the car with my brother in law were hopeless. It wasn’t having a bar of it. Its now 12pm The car sat at the bottom of my drive way with no way of getting back up it without a jumpstart and my nearest auto shop closes at 4.30pm, my partner was due home at 4.30pm and my roommate had left for lunch with her parents.  I resulted to calling my boss (who is also my next door neighbour and close friend) and phoning in an SOS. She came over and my car started in one go. Go fucking figure. It is now sitting in the garage with the battery charging.

So this was my Sunday not so fun day. But you know they say bad things come in three’s. Two down, One to go. Bring it on Mama’s ready!!