Today I shattered the screen on my iPhone 7 plus.. its getting fixed Wednesday thank Jesus. But do you ever think things wouldn’t occur if you didn’t go places or do certain things? Like you could counteract your mistakes or accidents from occurring. This was my train of thought after breaking it. Not accepting the fault just trying to blame it on fate or something else haha.

My iPhone went for a little slide down our steep drive way this morning because I insisted on taking everything with me inside all at once. Boy was that a bad idea. Probably won’t learn from my mistakes, just do it again. *rolls eyes*

First world problems..

The other day I thought it was time for a little change. I was sitting at work overthinking things and procrastinating instead of completing the piles of work i needed to do (whats new though right?) I realised that most of my life (whilst theres  always the good) I insist on sitting around and letting negative thoughts invade my brain. I added it all up and brought it down to technology. Whilst it’s sad that we’re reliant on technology, likes, comments and social media accounts. We don’t realise that by relying on instant gratification from others we tend to lose ourselves in the process. Sad quotes, derogatory pictures and cussing are all at arms length now. It breaks friendships, relationships and even our self esteem at times. Yet we strive of other peoples demise and call it “selfishness.”

I figured enough was enough. I took out my phone (I see the irony to0) and started deleting everything that I could have a negative outlook towards me or something that could send me into a spiral of depression or anxiety. Even if it was in the slightest bit. Now let me tell you something about me, when it comes to my phone I’m a hoarder. I believe every photo, contact, text message etc. has a purpose on my phone. Besides taking up copious amounts of memory, something in me says “you need to keep this, think of the memories you’ve had” or “you can’t delete this you’re attached.” So it’s safe to say this was hard for me to do, but I built a bridge and got over it. Everything I deemed unhealthy is gone, down to the contact that bitched about me behind my back to the sad depressing photo I posted to Instagram when I was 16 in attempts to make whoever it was aimed at feel guilty. Can you say “attention seeking whore.”

I filtered through my photos on Instagram and deleted those too. I unfollowed/unfriended people on my social media accounts who’s posts were either morbid, depressing or all of the above.

Took the sassy quote off my home lock screen and changed it to something positive.

Amongst the cracks on the screen it now says: “Happiness looks Gorgeous on you.”

Something to remember when you’re in a funk or you’re angry. Whatever it may be always remember “Happiness looks Gorgeous on you,” always strive for it!