We’re always blinded by the those who we think mean something to us. Anything they do bad to you is swept under the rug.

I’ve always been one to accept what was bad and carry on. Fully aware of the consequences and paying for them later on down the track. Kindness has always been something to bite you in the ass when you least expect it; and trust me i’ve had my fair share.

People who are too nice are those who have experienced pain like no other. Who wouldn’t ever want someone to go through what they’ve been through. So they continuously drop everything for those who don’t see how much one does for them. But you find that that’s okay because you’re in that persons life no matter how little they think of you during the day, or how much they call or text you only when they want something or find the time convenient.

Kindness will forever be both a blessing and a curse majorly because we can’t say no..