We all aspire to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. And whilst This is admirable we seem to lose ourselves in the process. 

To busy pleasing others we forget what pleases ourselves. We seem to forget that whilst it’s amazing to treat others with love and respect, the boundary to stop is dead and gone. We often push ourselves to the point where we tend to break, we simply give up on ourselves and we don’t know how to turn back. 

I’ve spent my whole life pleasing societies vague and egotistical opinion of who I should be. Worry about what he/she will think of me instead of not giving a fuck and just doing me. 

I’ve spent my whole life putting others needs before my own. I often end up lost. At a dead end with myself constantly questioning my self worth instead of amiring my self worth. 

I’ve spent my whole god damn life pleasing others. Don’t make the same mistake I’ve always made. Learn from them, appreciate and admire yourself. Most of all just do you boo, don’t worry about what could have been or what will be.  Worry about the present, about yourself, your loved ones and take everything day by day, step by step.  

Don’t make drastic or impulse decisions in life based on other people’s Opinions. Worry about what’s best for you and your life xx