I hate the word homophobia. You don’t have a phobia. You’re not fucking scared. You’re an asshole. Everyone wants to preach about world peace, spreading love, saving the world and freedom. But you can’t give others the freedom to marry and grow old with whichever gender they please. Let alone love whomever they please. Again everyone wants to talk about saving the world but hesitates when equal rights gets thrown in the picture. It’s fine to have an opinion, however and this is where I’m going to be brutally honest. Your opinion is self centred and bullshit. Their choices don’t hurt you, they don’t effect your life style. It doesn’t prevent you from breathing, blinking or being happy.

You’re just judgemental. So to your version of equal rights I say fuck you, open your mind a little. We live in the 21st century, love will always win.