I guess this is the part where I introduce myself. Well, here goes.

My name is Lillian Maura Balderson. I’m a 19 year old Filipino/Australian and am currently loving life. I’m named after both my Grandmothers. My first name Lillian after my fathers mum and Maura after my mothers mum. I never met my dads mum and only ever visited my mums mum when I was quite young and we had the money to travel to the Philippines. Unfortunately I was never able to build a strong relationship with either of them as they both passed when I was of young age. As a result of my parents naming me after them I am forever thankful; It gives me a piece of them to forever hold on to.

I’m the only child out of my parents with a step brother whom I love dearly. However as we grew up, we did so in separate homes. Whilst he was always around it was only ever temporary never permanent. He now lives in Melbourne working for Qantas as second in charge on the A380’s. Being away from my brother and not having very many friends growing up I was never able to speak to people about how I felt; And so I turned to writing.

I’ve always had a love of writing since I was incredibly young. Truth be told if you had a look at the stories I used to write in prep about my home life you’d think it was quite extravagant. I was forever giving off the impression that I lived in a castle with 4 unicorns, pranced around in pretty pink dresses and wore a sparkly crown above my long luscious flowing Repunzel lengthened hair.

But like all over active imaginations this all began and ended with growing up. I loved primary school until it came to the transition into high school. Like every other grade 7 student who had just left the protected four walls of a singular class room, playgrounds, ovals and handball moving to high school with the “big kids” was so much more daunting. Kind of like going to the dentist for the first time, let me tell you both at the dentist and high school there was a lot of crying.

See high school is where you see the fights and in some cases be involved in them, you see people smoking at the age of 15 – 17 even older, you experienced 3am bed times and the 7:00am wake ups, to be perfectly honest you experienced things that your grade 7 primary school teacher never informed nor prepared you for.

So like any other Australian high school student I spent five extremely long years learning Algebraic Equations, Dramatic Arts, Photography, Allied Health and so much more. Now mind you I still haven’t used my boss algebra skills and I highly doubt I ever will. Besides the point. It was the years leading up to graduation. The blood (not literally), the sweat and the tears put into those years that made up for it in the end. Needless to say I graduated. To be more precise I graduated with the class of 2013.

Fast forward three years and I’m a medical receptionist studying to be an Enrolled Nurse. Things have been rocky boy have they been rocky and things have been at an all time high. I have an understanding, supportive boyfriend of 11 months whom I adore and a new home to call our own. I have the most supportive family anyone could ask for and friends that keep me grounded and headstrong.

I honestly couldn’t ask for anything better. Im content and happy where I am at the moment and hopefully future Lillian acknowledges this and keeps this positive ball rolling. I only skimmed the surface with this post. I’ll leave the in depth thoughts, the personal secrets and moments to be shared for my blog posts.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, day and year.

Remembering to “Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes” – Benjamin Disraeli.